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Commercial and residential backflow prevention assemblies

Backflow Testing

So you received a letter from your water provider informing you to have your backflow preventer tested. No problem, we can handle that for you. Residential backflow tests start at $45 and commercial tests start at $70. Schedule your backflow test today!

Why Is Backflow Testing Important?

Backflow preventers are installed on irrigation systems and other applications to protect our drinking supply from possible contamination. Pesticides, fertilizer, pet feces can all be introduced into a sprinkler system as the sprinklers shuts down and retract. Cross-connection is also another potential source of contamination. Under normal circumstances water is pressurized and flows through the water meter towards the intended faucet or outlet waiting to be used. There are however some situations (i.e. flushing fire hydrants, leaks in the city mainline, etc.) which can cause a reversal of the flow of water back through the water meter and into the city main where it can be consumed. There have been multiple cases of people becoming very sick and even some deaths due to consumption of contaminated water.

What If My System Doesn't Have A Backflow Preventer?

Although, it has been a requirement for sprinkler systems to have a backflow preventer for some time, not all do. Older systems, handyman installed, do-it-yourself systems are all types of sprinkler systems that may not have a proper backflow preventer installed. A backflow preventer has to be able to be tested for it to qualify as an appropriate type. In some cases, a high-hazard backflow preventer known as a reduced pressure backflow preventer (RP or RPZ) is required. We are certified and licensed to test, repair, and install whichever type of backflow preventer you have or may need.

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