Sprinkler Repair - San Antonio

Hunter rotating sprinklers

With water restrictions limiting when you can water and the rising cost of water usage, it is important to have your sprinkler system working it's best. Let us thoroughly check your system to ensure that it’s performing efficiently. Our experienced technicians will notice existing problems and come up with solutions to make sure you get the best performance out of your sprinkler system.

Some of the common repair problems and services we provide:

  • Complete Sprinkler System Checkup
  • Identify and Repair Coverage Problems
  • Reprogram Controller
  • Repair and/or Replace controller
  • Locate and Repair Broken Wires & Solenoids
  • Locate, Repair and/or Replace Electric Valves
  • Replace or Retrofit Rain Sensors
  • Replace Broken Sprinklers and/or Nozzles
  • Raise and/or Lower Sprinklers
  • Add or Repair Drip Irrigation
  • Locate and Repair Leaks in Sprinkler System
  • Repair Broken Sprinkler Pipes and Fittings
  • Add or Replace Shut-Off Valve to Sprinkler System
  • Repair or Replace Backflow
  • Add Sprinkler Heads
  • Add Zone(s) to Existing Systems
  • Identify and Repair Low Pressure Situations

Sprinkler Maintenance Programs available for your convenience.

Contact us today to schedule repair of your sprinkler system.

* Commercial please contact for quote.


Starting at $85
  • 1
  • Spring Start-Up or Mid Season Check-Up
  • Save 10% off Additional Needed Repairs
  • Up to 6 Zones ($5 for Each Additional Zone)


Starting at $150
  • Our Most Popular Package includes 2 visits
  • Spring Start-Up and Fall Check-Up
  • Save $20 off normal price & Save 15% on additional needed repairs
  • Up to 6 Zones ($10 for Each Additional Zone)


Starting at $195
  • Our Premium Package includes 3 Visits
  • Spring Start-Up, Mid Summer Check-Up, Fall Check-Up
  • Save $60 off normal price & Save 20% on additional needed repairs
  • Up to 6 Zones ($10 for Each Additional Zone)

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common problems and questions that arise in sprinkler maintenance.

For more information, please see this document