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Our office will contact you to set up an appointment to meet with you in person. We will send a licensed irrigator to meet with you and discuss your watering needs. We take the time to listen to your ideas and will offer suggestions based upon our knowledge and experience. We will ask you questions in regards to any possible future changes to your landscape including sheds, pools, patio, decks, etc. We take this information into consideration allowing us to plan your system design to allow simpler, less expensive modifications to accommodate your future projects. Once we have gathered this information from you we begin designing your system.

We gather necessary information including water meter location, size, and water pressure. We take a look at soil conditions, plant, grass types, and other factors. We use this information to help us determine how much water we can use per zone, select pipe size, valve type and more. Next, we will measure your yard using a measuring wheel, this allows us to take an accurate measurement of your property. After measuring the property we develop the layout of your sprinkler system. We are able to determine sprinkler: type, quantity, and placement. We utilize head to head spacing to ensure your landscape receives 100% coverage without wasting water. We use all this information to determine our proposal/estimate. Next, we will go over our proposal with you, answer any questions, discuss the install process and warranty.

Upon acceptance of our proposal the customer signs the contract and we schedule your installation. We pull all necessary permits for your city and arrange for the utility companies to come out and mark their location(s) on your property. It usually takes 2-3 business days for all utility locates to be finished.

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Adjustable spray sprinkler
MP rotator sprinkler close up

We will send a licensed irrigator come out to flag your yard prior to beginning work. Flags are placed to mark each sprinkler and valve location. We determine where to best place the controller and rain sensor. On the day of installation we go over your system design with our foreman and decide the best way to trench your lawn and trenching begins. One person in our crew will begin digging for the installation of the backflow preventer. While another person will begin hand digging around the marked utility lines.

The trenches are cleaned out to ensure proper depth. We then begin running wire in our trenches and start installing the mainline piping, valves and backflow preventer. Next, we continue with the installation of lateral piping from the valves to all of the sprinklers. Sprinklers are connected to the pvc pipe using a flexible tubing known as funny pipe. Funny pipe provides an added level of protection against heavy machinery running over the sprinklers(mowers, vehicles). Our crew will hand dig in your flower beds to provide the most protection possible for your plants. We utilize head to head sprinkler spacing and set all sprinklers at the proper height and distance from hardscape (driveway, sidewalk, patio, etc.) After all the piping and sprinklers are installed we cover up the trenches (Note, we do have to leave uncovered the point of connection (backflow area) and some sprinklers along the sidewalk and driveway for the city inspection).

Towards the end of the installation we install the rain sensor, connect the valves to the field wiring, and install the controller. The crew runs each station to flush out all the sprinklers of any debris. Next, we install filters and nozzles to all the sprinklers. We once again run each zone taking care to adjust for proper spray coverage. We test the backflow preventer to ensure that it is working properly and leave a report for the city inspector. The crew will work carefully and efficiently to ensure your system is installed to our standards. In fact, most of our residential systems are installed in one day leaving minimal disturbance to your landscape.

Last, we schedule for the city inspector to come out and review our installation. Once we receive notice that the inspection has passed we will send a technician to cover up areas left uncovered for the inspection. Last, we schedule with you a time to come by and review the system with you.

At this point, it is time to review your sprinkler system. We will run the system and show you how each zone is laid out and operates. Next, we will show you how to program and operate the controller. We will assist you in setting up a program that is suited for your landscape. We will take the time to go over all of the functions of the controller and answer any questions you may have. We will make sure that you are comfortable with operating the controller before we leave.

We understand that at some point you may need some help in operating the controller and we will be glad to offer one free tutorial within the warranty period. Also, for your convenience if you should ever need service or backflow testing we place a sticker with our company contact information on every controller.

Hunter rotor sprinkler in action
5 year Warranty

By using select commercial grade products from the top rated manufacturers in the industry coupled with our installation practices we feel strongly that you will have a sprinkler system that will meet or exceed your expectations. We only choose products (mostly Hunter and Rain Bird) that have proven to us time and again to deliver reliable and outstanding performance. Based upon using commercial grade quality parts and our installation techniques, we are pleased to offer you a 5 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover damage to the system caused by improper use, vandalism, digging/excavating by contractor, utility company, homeowner or anyone acting upon their behalf. Lightning damage, power surges, freezing, and any other Act of God are not covered.

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Rain Bird Drip control valve

Sprinkler Installation Parts from Hunter® & Rain Bird®

We believe a sprinkler system is only as good as the components it is made of. That is why we carefully select the highest quality commercial grade equipment for every one of our new installations. We believe so strongly in the quality of the components that we use that we proudly offer you a true 5 year warranty.

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